Joie Earrings

Joie Earrings

You asked and we've answered! A different take on our Johannes Earrings, our new Joie Earrings  are two 18k gold-plated hoops approximately 1.5" in diameter, with one cultured pearl of about 1 cm per hoop.
As always, all our products are hand-made with love and care.
Pro-tip: Please refrain from harsh wear as these are delicate. Please avoid contact with liquids and creams when wearing your earrings, especially household chemicals. Substances such as chlorine, perfume, etc may discolor or damage your jewelry, leave residue, or cause it to tarnish rapidly. Pearl is removable, so also enjoy a pair of hoop earrings on their own. Note that the nature of cultured pearls: no two are the same. And by that we mean shape and color. We hand selected each pearl with the closest proximity this earth has to offer our human hands. That's their charm so we appreciate you appreciating their uniqueness. Their colors have a beautiful subtle range of off-white/white. FAQs here.
40 USD