You all loved our Ojo Earrings so much that we thought... why not make them into hoops? Your ideal summer staple!
Two gold-filled hoops come with a hand-painted Mal de Ojo's in each hoop. Because they are hand-painted, no two are the exact same. They are also removable, so you can enjoy a pair of hoop earrings on their own. 

Being good to mother earth: All our pieces are placed in a beautiful re-usable burlap pouch and mailed in an eco-friendly bubble mailer.

Pro-tip: Please avoid contact with liquids and creams when wearing your earrings, especially household chemicals. Substances such as chlorine, perfume, etc may discolor or damage your jewelry, leave residue, or cause it to tarnish rapidly. Keeping the earrings as dry as possible will extend the life of its color and luster. FAQs here. 

35 USD
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