Romano Earrings

Romano Earrings

Inspired by the cobblestone streets of the Italy, the Romano Earrings embodies magical mythicism and elegance. Each golden circular 20mm earring has been forged to give it an authentic historical feel. No two earrings are the same. 

Being good to mother earth: All our pieces are placed in a beautiful re-usable burlap pouch and mailed in an eco-friendly bubble mailer. 

Material: Brass dipped in matte-golden paint 

Pro-tip: Please avoid contact with liquids and creams when wearing your earrings, especially household chemicals. Substances such as chlorine, perfume, etc may discolor or damage your jewelry, leave residue, or cause it to tarnish rapidly. Keeping the earrings as dry as possible will extend the life of its color and luster. No one likes a stained ear either. Treat the hinges with care as these earrings are light and delicate. And of course, please make sure you're not allergic to metal earrings.  FAQs

45 USD